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A Very Sad End

Most people know the story of Gideon. If you don’t, it is found in the Old Testament, in the Book of Judges chapters 6-8. The Book of Judges covers a very volatile period in the history of Israel. When Joshua, who had led the people into the Promised Land, died, he did not leave a successor. S read more

Asian Christian Workers Seminar

When I received an invitation last year to speak at the inaugural Asian Christian Worker’s Seminar, I was thrilled. The seminar would be a gathering of Christian leaders from around Asia, and ministering to leaders is the thing I love to do most. As I see it, when you minister to an ordinary c read more

The Privilege of Ministry

The other day, on one of the Christian forums I visit on the ‘net, someone suggested that I was something special because I do mission work. It set me thinking a bit – not that I’m special, but that my call is an awesome privilege. I don’t always remember this – sometim read more
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