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Hour of triumph! Raise the cry
throughout the Heavens of victory!
For death, in seeking to destroy,
has spent itself at Calvary.

One Man has stood for all mankind
to know in full hell’s agony –
the Son alone was pure enough
to pay the price of Calvary.

Freely He stepped into my place
to bear the burden meant for me;
freely He took my sin and death
and carried them to Calvary.

“It is finished!” rings the cry,
the victory-cry for man set free;
Justice and Love both satisfied
the task complete at Calvary.

No more the price is mine to pay,
no more the judgment mine to see:
I died, and rose again in Him,
my death destroyed at Calvary.

Written in 1977. Published in Christian Woman magazine (Australia) April 1980.

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