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(Revelation 1:12-17)

I knew You
my friend
together trudging
dust-heavy roads
together sharing
the joys and burdens
of our souls.

I followed You
my rabbi:
teacher unlike any other
dissecting the wisdom
of the ages
with scalpel-words.

I watched You
touching blindness with sight
touching lack with abundance
touching death
with life.

I glimpsed You
in Your majesty
as on the mountain briefly
suppressed glory sundered humanity
and breaking forth
dazzled us
with light.

I leaned against You
dearly loved
at that strange-sad supper
where You took a servant’s towel
and served us
not with bread and wine
but with Yourself.

I stood by You
in Your brokenness:
watched helplessly
as they beat You,
mocked You,
pierced You
and left You
to death’s agonies
with criminals.

I welcomed You
risen conqueror
as leaving death’s
invalid chains behind
and bursting forth
You walked among us
in victory.

But now…

I see
with eyes newly opened
One I never knew:
fire-blazing eyes
and furnaced-bronze feet;
once oft-heard voice roars
like all the oceans of the world;
once child-holding hands
hold stars;
once familiar face
outshines the sun.

I understand
My God and King
why ancients said
that looking on Your face
one could not live:
and I fall at Your feet
as dead.

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